The dog that Metro Nashville police ignored

Please read the story of a lovely dog whose “owners” took to a vet to be euthanized, and this is the second pet they have done this to! Luckily the blogger who wrote this has had contact from the new mayor of Nashville. Keep your fingers crossed for a good outcome!!!




The Fight For Animals

Please read! We are animal lovers here, and I know you are too! Thanks! Tuxi

Oppose the Copyright Cartel

Last night, I d0xed a judge who found that a sadist who cut off the ears, a leg, of a wonderful pitbull without anesthesia, was NOT guilty of animal cruelty and released him without punishment. Ghostbin deleted the paste quicker than usual, so I created two more copies, and pasted TEN copies worldwide, and will paste 10 more today…and if further efforts occur to delete the judge’s d0x…i will create 10 more, and put text versions elsewhere. I singlehandedly will put out so many copies that even companies hired to get rid of d0xes won’t be able to find them all.

I also d0xed the person who harmed the animal…a man named Reginald V Smith who, at court, said he intended to move from Westbury NY to Atlanta GA and work as a taxi driver for Uber. I contacted Uber and asked them if they had this man working for…

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